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Ventus: IoT Autonomous Indoor Agricultural Airflow Sensing Robot

Project Deliverables

Through the development of the project, FloBotics aims to deliver these key characteristics to potential users.

Secure Data Transmission

To provide a secure environment, collected data will be encrypted and sent securely through the Sigfox Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) network.

Automated Travel

Utilizing LiDAR, Ventus will be able to traverse the perimeter of an indoor agriculture facility autonomously, withouth the need for directional input from the user.

Visualized Sensor Data

With algorithms developed by FloBotics, sensor data from Ventus will be displayed in an easy-to-understand, graphical interface for users.

Environmental Awarness

A custom sensor board with an array of environmental sensors, along with an airflow sensor sphere, will provide users valuable data of indoor conditions.


Become acquainted with the project need and goals.

Ventus' development is being undertaken by FloBotics under the supervision of Dr. Ana Goulart and David Malawey. This project will include research, hardware design, programming, implementation, and testing for an autonomous IoT (Internet of Things) indoor agricultural airflow sensing robot with built-in encryption and plot visualization of measured behaviors.

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