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FloBotics Team Members


Joseph Kim

Project Manager

Joseph is a senior ESET student with a passion for all things electronic, from simple breadboard circuits to high-end consumer devices. With research experience with Texas A&M and NASA, Joseph currently holds the project manager role for FloBotics.


Yuzhe Pei

Software Engineer

Yuzhe is senior ESET student at Texas A&M. He had an internship with Diodes Inc that provided software and hardware experience. Yuzhe currently holds the software engineer role for FloBotics.


Luke Bettinger

Hardware Engineer

Luke is a senior MXET student at Texas A&M. He has a passion for robotics, embedded systems, and IT which he realizes through IT support work and networking projects. He currently holds the hardware engineer role for FloBotics.


Gyuyoung Jeong

Integration Engineer

Gyuyoung is a senior ESET student at Texas A&M. He has a deep interest in electronic systems. He got an offer from engine service company as an electrician. Gyuyoung currently holds the integration engineer role for FloBotics

FloBotics' Team Advisor & Sponsor


David Malawey M.S.

Technical Advisor


Earned his MS in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M, formerly held roles of engine design and calibration at Toyota, in addition to over 5 years as an educator in mechatronics. He hopes to see the SCUTTLE community grow to critical mass as an educational system and then aims to bring robotics into indoor agriculture.


Ana Goulart Ph.D

Project Sponsor

Dr. Goulart is a professor and researcher in data networks, electronic communications, and IoT security. Her home state is Minas Gerais, Brazil and she currently teaches at Texas A&M University. Dr. Goulart has advised multiple senior design teams developing mobile robotics functions based on SCUTTLE and mentors the team in NSF funding pursuits.

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